During 2018-2020, the Board of GLOBAL SCIENCE & ENVIROTECH, INC. will vote to present itself more visible in hopes of increase investment through donations from the public.  We are also poised to increase our research and development collaborations, especially in the field of workforce development.  If you have a request, please write us a note or message through our "CONTACT US" page...


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Are you the kind of person that uses all their resources?  If so, we can provide you the help you need in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics or STEAM and bring this movement to you for 21st Century opportunities.  CONTACT US!  We're just an email away...

There are numerous educational funding and programming opportunities for children, but these programs decrease rapidly as children become young adults, especially among the poor, minority, disenfranchised and those individuals and families that need hope to advance their chances for a better tomorrow after high school. 

Through our membership process and CAST Center for STEAM, the process...providing the access to knowledge and skills rarely seen in a traditional educational setting...we individualize our training base process to the individual.  We've been using this practice for all participants, not just the "smart" kids.  All students require job readiness and college preparedness just before and after high school.


Tutoring Media Participant or Provider...

Meeting students where they are, even if it's online, is important and provides us with valuable credibility. If you're Web-savvy, let us know and we will deliver the services you require...or give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise...with people that need you...as a Tutor or Instructor of STEAM!

The theme for 2018-2020 is "Additive Manufacturing, Coding and Agriculture".  We are also adding more specific projects and awarding student awards and certificates using our Integrated or "Blended" curriculum of STEAM known as CAST (Computer Aided Science & Technology).  Solar/Alternative Power is still including in our project portfolio to help students learn.

Dr. Hunter, a Civil and Environmental Engineer Professor at the University of Rhode Island and President of the Board (Picture above with the fancy Bowtie)...is dedicated to family, career and URI, he helps to maintain the delicate balance of STEM/STEAM and community.

Global Science & Envirotech, Inc. Board Meeting 

Cranston, RI     Invitation through email...if you would like to apply for Board Membership, send an email to:


Social Mixer - "STEAM, Cyber-Security & Gaming"


Cranston, RI        Invitation through email...


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Understanding Online Training, Courses, & Tutorials


We are from varied backgrounds, knowledge, skills, experiences with one goal in mind:  Giving people a "Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out", people need hope, especially youth.

No matter how tough or intimidating the science or technology, we tackle the problems the same way:  The Scientific Method...even at the Middle and High School levels.

So you know that the youth that work with us are going to be able to follow-up on their learning and we make it fun.  The Participants are in charge after they are oriented to the problem or project, their imaginations take over and the fun begins! 

In the recent past, from 2010 forward, at least seven young adults, college, high and middle schoolers have helped in the research and development efforts of Global Science & Envirotech, Inc. Their work has help us develop a new LLC to move onward and upwards to help the communities we serve through job development!

​Dr. Jordan