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Tutoring Opportunities

Online Certified Training Courses and Tutoring...

Are you the kind of person that uses all their resources?  If so, we can provide you the help you need in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics or STEAM and bring this movement to you for 21st Century opportunities.  CONTACT US!  We're just an email away...

There are numerous educational funding and programming opportunities for children, but these programs decrease rapidly as children become young adults, especially among the poor, minority, disenfranchised and those individuals and families that need hope to advance their chances for a better tomorrow after high school. 

Through our membership process and CAST Center for STEAM, the process...providing the access to knowledge and skills rarely seen in a traditional educational setting...we individualize our training base process to the individual.  We've been using this practice for all participants, not just the "smart" kids.  All students require job readiness and college preparedness just before and after high school.


Tutoring Media Participant or Provider...

Meeting students where they are, even if it's online, is important and provides us with valuable credibility. If you're Web-savvy, let us know and we will deliver the services you require...or give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise...with people that need a Tutor or Instructor of STEAM!

Our Mission

Upcoming Events

One of our youngest Board Members is one of the most active.  Biotech Laboratory Technician Mr. Duane Danso, is visiting and helping out youth as a volunteer with Dr. Jordan who is instructing youth in Alternative Energy and Horticulture.  The theme for 2017-2018 is "Basic Electronics, Solar Power and Plants".  Mr. Danso discussions center around heat and cold conversions to save energy, but for the most part he answers some of the 6th through 8th grade after-school program participants questions.  We also discuss behaviors that a scientist must have to succeed...As a Board Member, young man and over-all scientist, Duane has helped a lot of youth understand why school is so important.

Dr. Hunter, a Civil and Environmental Engineer and President of the Board, will be featured soon along with Mrs. A. Smith, Ms. Asia Smith and Mr. David Collier.  The Smiths are very special ladies, one a Psychologist, the other a concern parent and Mr. Collier, a very special educator.  All with over twenty years of knowledge and skill.

We are from varied backgrounds, knowledge, skills, experiences with one goal in mind:  Giving people a "Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out", people need hope, especially youth.

The man in the center is a trusted strategist and scientist; the young man behind him is an Engineering student at the University of Rhode Island soon to become an Electrical Engineer; the sharp dressed man in black is the Vice President of the Global Science & Envirotech Inc. Board, an IT Specialist and over-all "Wise-One" Mr. Kayode Idowu, a very dedicated father and entrepreneur.

The man in blue and tan is Dr. Jordan, CEO and Instructor, like Mr. Idowu and the other dedicated scientist in this photograph believe in the power of the person can make a difference...we help the under-served enhance and advance in science and technology...

That's what we are all about, seven scientist, engineers, teachers, social workers, business experts and individuals that are doing the right thing.  We advance and improve the future for youth and adults that might be left behind.

During 2017, the Board of GLOBAL SCIENCE & ENVIROTECH, INC. will vote to present itself in hopes of increase investment through donations from the public.  If you have a request, please write us a note or message through our "CONTACT US" page...