Our Services

Tutoring and mentoring is an art that requires the student to becomes a  "Participant" in the process...having a say in their maturation towards their goals...that is what we are all about!

We tutor, mentor, and offer the following services:‚Äč

1.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Contractual arrangements

2.  Computer Aided Science & Technology (CAST) Educational Programs for high schools

3.  Health, Agriculture, Pharma, and Toxicology Services and Referals for colleges

4.  3D-Printing/Micromanufacturing Research & Development as Contractual arrangements

The time, know-how, and confidence required to secure a scholarship(s) to attend college is daunting, that is why so many students apply for loans...then if negotiating technical school or college becomes difficult, a student may fail-out, but the loans become due!!!

Failing or dropping-out can be especially true in cases of a disabled student or a student with an IEP.  This is one of the primary reasons for GLOBAL SCIENCE & ENVIROTECH, we find the best pathways for individuals to fill gaps in their knowledge, skills and avoid the pitfalls of poor preparation.  Thus, we provide ways for them to attend a higher education program or apply for a much needed job.

SUBJECTS...Let Us Design a Program for You...

Our subjects areas are taught by experts that are present either in person or online.  STEAM tutoring, workshops and program training is blended with reading, writing, technical skills, and in some contracted cases, Pre-GED or GED training on site.  Our final outcome is to prepare Participants for a job, the SAT or HESI, community college or to attend a university.  If you do poorly, we take you through the process again under modified conditions and scheduling, we give you a hand up to perform well and succeed!                         *Special Arrangements and On-Site request  require a call for an appointment at 401-484-7389 or send us an email jessejordanmd@gmail.com. 

Prices vary depending on level of need and contractual arrangements.  Tutoring is $20 to $65 an hour base on length of time needed to improve performance and equipment needed for the program.   We will make special arrangements and adjustments based on contractual needs of the "Participant".  All Labs, Field-Studies and Mentoring are through a Special Arrangement Request and based on the number of Participants per team, tools and equipment needed to complete a contract or fulfill an individuals need(s).

SCIENCES                               (On-Site & Special Arrangement)

Pre-GED, GED                                                                                                                                     

*MEDICAL & AGRO/ENVIRONMENTAL                                                                                 

Basic & Advance Biology                                                                                                                        

Human Anatomy & Physiology                                                                                                               


*Human Pathology                                                                                                                                

*A Review of Biophysics                                                                                                                        

*Biophotonics:  A Survey Training Process                                                                                    


Basic High School Chemistry- General                                                                                             

Advance Chemistry- Inorganic and Organic                                                                                


*Pharmaceutical Sciences (Call for Details)                                                                                                                  


Basic High School Physics                                                                                                                     

*Advance Physics- Photonics                                                                                                                      


TECHNOLOGY (Special Arrangements)

*BioProcessing & BioPharma- Compounding (Call for Details)

*Additive Manufacturing/Micromanufacturing (Call for Details)


*Simulation Software


ENGINEERING (Special Arrangements)

*Chromatography & Spectroscopy (Call for Details)


*Laboratory Control System

*Microfluidic Devices & Electronic Sensors, and Controllers

*Fundamentals of Computer Sciences and Operating Systems

ARTS (Special Arrangements)

*Magazine Publishing, Drafting and Origami (Under ARTS call for Details) 

*Deconstruction and OSHA Regs

*Audio-Visual Broadcasting

*Front-line Fundamentals and Work Readiness

*NRF Foundation Customer Service and Sales

*Landscaping Construction


*Basic and Advance 

*Healthcare Research and Development Related Solutions