All of our tutoring  and STEAM Program sessions are punctuated with feedback from experienced and certified instructors. You'll also be able to interact to answer questions.

"We give you a Hand-up to future opportunities"


We " Give You a Hand-UP, Not a Hand-Out! "

Learning is a lifelong process that extends into a career.  So, why start a science and technology job or take STEM/STEAM courses in college without preparation, guidance or an excellent tutor that is present when you need them? 


At GLOBAL SCIENCE & ENVIROTECH, we focus on education that’s far-reaching. We can bring it to wherever you are.  By combining the fantastic power of contemporary technology with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide you "Our Participant" with real job and career opportunities.  Our instructors give you unique "Hands-on" training and guidance towards your future.

Our goal in education is to guide participants through the process of attaining the knowledge and skill necessary to compete for future jobs and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). 

Is it expensive?

Hugh B. Bain Middle School is the host for the CAST (Computer Aided Science & Technology)  We know how to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM).  STEM Magazine... is now a partner.

In 2018, our research and development goals will include youth assistants in the lab and in literacy...Donate Please


Our classes are available whenever you can work them into your busy schedule. We also have fast track programs for those who know their goals.

We recycle, similar to the Great George Washington Carver, Ph.D., so we pass the savings to you.  Donations of money and equipment provides future scholarships and cover instructional expenses!

Is it personal?

Is learning organized?